Actionable Tips For Affiliate Marketing 2018

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If you are searching for how to do affiliate marketing, here is my  Tips For Affiliate Marketing. So in this post I , as an affiliate marketer I am going to give you the best affiliate marketing tips specially for beginners.

So let us start with following fundamental and learn how to make money from affiliate marketing.

so without further ado lets get started with actionable beginners ………..

Tips For Affiliate Marketing


high paying affiliate programs

The first tips I have for you is, find out high paying affiliate marketing program this is the main thing that you need to do to start with,

anyway, our goal is to earn money to find out which program is giving the highest price and how easy and hard its to do work in that.Remeber this the commission price you get will not be same for all the products you choose, and will not be some in all platform;
find high paying affiliate program from here

what is platform: platform is the place or the vendor whose product you are gonna promote.


note:you may change .com based on your country if needed

Select your Niche:

so now after choosing the platform that you wanna work with next tips as an affiliate marketing strategy guide that I have for you is <b>choosing your niche…</b>

chossing a proper profitable inche for promoting affiliate product is the most  to do work  for affiliate business success.

This is the number one mistake that every beginner affiliate marketer do in online affiliate marketing.Ok let me say why this is very important, ok let us say your blog has a fashion niche then if there is 20% more commission in kitchen item then obviously its good to promote the kitchen items right?

No, you are absolutely wrong you should not choose the kitchen items to promote on your blog this is the mistake that everyone does as a process of becoming an affiliate marketer.

remember this, if you are a male how much probability is there you may buy a lady makeup kit; even if I tell you I will give you with 70% discount and vice versa if you are female.What I mean here is understand your audience than start promoting the same kind of product based on your audience

so this is a very much important thing to start with.

Cross-Channel Promote:

This is again really very very important thing that you have to do in your steps of conquering in the world of affiliate marketing..

you can’t just rely on the one platform to get a huge traffic and get a handsome amount of money, so you should focus on promoting your product on different platforms Facebook, Instagram may be google adword whatever its possible for you always go with cross-platform.i say this obviously you will get more profit with this strategy.

Experiment with unusual content formats for recommending products

I think you easily understand what I mean by this term, Always be a tester you should always work on finding out what actually works and what doesn’t See in my case I love to watch more videos rather than reading the blog posts, no let me explain you the concept,

if I am your follower and if I don’t like reading a blog like this you can always recommend me to go through the youtube video as a replacement of the blog post then if I don’t like reading post compared to watching the video I obviously go for watching a video. Isn’t it? so this is how the things work…

Last Tip

This may not be a catchy tip to boost your sale or etc etc .. but most importantly, remember this, you can’t earn money before 6 months of your starting. So never give up.


hope you have learned a bit about how to start affiliate marketing.If you have learned something new just share this article and also subscribe to my youtube channel , recently i have started my youtube channel where i will post some worth watching videos

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note : one more suggestion for you , if you want to be good at affiliate marketing you must learn seo