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SEO & Blogging FAQs

These are some of SEO  | Blogging questions and answers answered in various FAQ forum or

AMA  sessions. these are the list of questions mostly asked

so you can also learn great insights from these questions as these are the doubts of original people like you and me and the answers are given industry experts

#Q  Is SEO a recurring task?

#ans1>> After a certain time the trends may go down  the no of searches decreases, so your ranking too, and in other cases, even your competitors may apply certain good strategies to come up so by that time also the chances of your site being fade out is high. And again you may need some exercise to rank back  this is a proof to say yes SEO is a recurring task.

#Q8>> how to rank for trending searches??

#Ans>> If you are working on trending topic then work mainly on quality content and on page aspect This is a key ingredient and then start working on backlink.

Take the example of a news site, they always work on trending searched and bring their keywords in rank in short span only due to quality content and strong on-page aspect Backlink matters but Quality Content and On- page matters a lot


There is a complete strategy behind this and you should follow that:

Some trends are of short-term and some are of long-term.

Like a new movie trend will last for 1-2 months around so you’ll get enough time to rank as well as once same starcast will launch another movie you can just edit and the full benefit of it.

But few searches are short-term based.I avoid them.Also, you can user Schema as “Live Blog Posting” for that article. That will give you a sudden boost but be aware sometimes you may get penalized for that too.

#3 Does keyword or volume matters?

#Ans>> Yes definitely volume matters but it depends on the strategy coz whatever the keyword you are targeting then at the same time even your competitors may be targeting. so that way it may be difficult for you to rank on high volume keywords.

If you are new then you have to start targeting first with low search volume keyword (that’s kind of long tail keyword too)

so once Google starts seeing you on the top level then you start becoming kind of authoritative in your niche. This is how you can grow

#Q4 Some tools that Shashank have used in SEO?

#ans>> Well, there are so many tools in seo, still for keywords research “keyword everywhere” (chrome extension), GKP(google keyword planner), KF(keyword finder),ahref,Semrush and etc etc …

My thought: But basically one tool is not exactly sufficient so you need to switch to many based on your need.

#Q5 For everytime theme change and wp version update do we need to update sitemap?

#Ans>> No no you need not change the sitemap in this case.Wp(WordPress) is dynamic it will take care of these things automatically.

#Q6 Each and every time we make changes in our content/ post do we need to update sitemap?

#Ans First of all you do not need to change your sitemap if you are using WordPress but if you are using HTML coded site then you need to change it.

#Q7 What are the best way of getting backlinks?

#Ans>> By actually creating a link related to your niche.

if you want to learn an in-depth awesome post about backlink check this out Best Back link tips for SEO

#Q8 What is a new policy of Google. New posts not indexing on Google why?

#Ans>> There is a possible solution and it’s, you can just simply create your blog post then you can update that link to the blogger.(it’s a google product) you can do this and then after once its indexed after 1 or 2 hours then you can delete otherwise google doesn’t love this if you didn’t delete your those links.

#Q9 How to increase CPC?

#Ans>> Well, actually this is the biggest problem to monetize the blog with Adsense so what I recommend is start researching keyword for other countries like US Australia Canada NewZealand.

My thought: If you are not focusing in your country but if you wanna earn more than you can even change the target country in your search console

so these are the country who has high CPC rate on the keyword and which will help you to earn more money out of your Adsense

#Q10 What is your favorite strategy for affiliate site?

#Ans>> It’s not to do any spam and if you even do a single spam will be a huge bad impact for you

What I do is create structure I then interlink to all the site. I most of the time I create backlink for my home site.”People also do use PBN but I don’t do that coz I do perfect keyword research”.  —>That’s Shashank’s strategy.

#Q11 Once you get ranked, do you need to continue making backlinks at the same scale as you were doing before?

#Ans Once you are ranked still it’s up to you, even I have a post I am ranking for the featured snippet for 4 months I am able to make that just coz my content is damn unique & worthy that’s what the reason I am still ranking high even though I am not working on creating backlinks nowadays

My thought: I think Google automatically give you backlink once you are ranked your full-on page seo and content is a king,still to come up one can’t forget about backlink building as a seo strategy.

#Q12 For getting the table type of featured snippet, your best bet is to mark up the table on your page using the <table> tag.I have found this in SEL blog, but the blog which is ranking for #0 (position) as a table snippet there I do not see any table format once I open and see the blog content can you explain anything about this I did not understand

#Ans>> By the way it should not be like this much, but if you wanna do rank for the table snippet the best way is to use WordPress plugin which is (TABLE PLUS)

#Q13 what should be the monthly plan for making backlinks for own blog, if one person is doing everything.

#Ans>> I would suggest you to create backlinks 8-10 a month, If you are not able to make all that at a time then go ahead with the best content On your blog itself then  start doing on-page seo then start  guest blogging, with guest blogging  you may get the backlink from such website which you may not have expected as well and do some easy -off page seo tactics Which are possible form your end.

#Q14 One line on Anchor text strategy?

#Ans>> For the anchor text strategy Rephrase your keyword so that it doesn’t look like a shady tweaked and something like   spam.Do not create more anchor text for the same exact match which helps in the diversifying the links as well.

#Q15 what will be the optimum ratio for do follow and no follow links?

#Ans>> Its actually like create 80% do follow  link and 20% no follow. otherwise Google may suspect you if you have full 100% do follow.. but if you have a less than 80% then it may harm you too. So it’s about making a balance.Spam score should be strictly not more than 3 than just do active disavow if that’s the case.

#Q16, once you are ranked, is it all about the content? What if you start experiencing a drop in ranking and your content is good. Do you add more posts? Or do backlinking

#Ans This ranking drop may be coz your competitors may have started improving their content.Hence what you have to do is analyze their( competitors ) site and make changes in yours accordingly.

#Q17 How can I SEO any site?

#Ans>> SEO is a very big topic and doing  SEO for any site is a very big process, so the first way to go is to find the niche and start with the keyword research then go for on-page SEO and move on to off-page.

However its a step by step process and to add on that do an analysis of the keywords and find out how competitive the keyword is and so on… this is how you need to start and continue your strategy further.To start with: this is the best keyword research guide

#Q1>> What type of niche should be selected for blogging as a beginner?

#Ans>> Niche depend upon your interest level and your intent Once you decide your interest level, start working on your keyword research part and try to find out search volume of the keyword.

Also Check current trend as there are many tools available that can help you in searching volume, the competition of keyword. Choose the
low competition keywords that you can rank.You can earn money in any niche.

#Q2>> which is the best free keyword research tool?

#Ans>> There are many,
Keyword Planner
Keywordeverywhere(chrome extension)
LSI Keywords
Quora and Amazon can help you out

Others Thought in the discussion : (Ubersuggest is not that great as it was before, filtration not working properly and the result is not up to the mark, but very easy to understand their result pattern You can merge tools to get the best result)

#Q3>> How can anyone Write Guest Posts on Authority Sites if he/she is new

#Ans>> If you are new just explore all the authority sites and you will find out the option to contribute If you are looking for something specific niche then you also need to pay some amount as per site owner.

#Q4>> which is the most suitable social platform for a blogger to drive traffic.. nowadays lost of changes has been done in very social media algo… we all know the organic word does not exist…so what we have to do to drive traffic from the social platform?

#Ans>>“Organic word does not exist”….I think you are talking about only Facebook.Go for Instagram and Pinterest. They are going very well and many are earning $$$$$ from them.

Try Quora it will help you out I driving traffic but you must know how to drive traffic.You have to provide well-researched content.
Still have the option to Join Facebook communities as per your niche Provide solution and you will get the best traffic isn’t good?

“Give me valuable content if it’s in digital marketing niche and I will consume and share in my group but you have to provide well-researched content” –> fundamentals of digital marketing facebook group (where these FAQ discussions was held)”admin says”

Our another expert replies again for the same question:

do a simple trick: and you will get far more engagement then usually Facebook offers initially.

Post your update and ask your friends to comment within a next 10 minutes and then you should reply on those comments and ask your friends once again to reply on your comments.

Used if three-way communication within 10 minutes with as many friends as you can and you will start to say extra reach for your post what you actually cannot get these days.

#Q5>> Content is not the king anymore, it’s the context. If you agree, How does one make sure it’s contextually relevant and we are not competing with Google on Content?

#Ans>>Ways to become contextually relevant to the search intent of user by watching the FAQ section on search results page itself and also to check out the LSI keywords which were used to be at the bottom of search results page.

However, now can be seen by clicking on any results and once user will be back will see all the LSI below the search listing.

Content is still the king but yes context can be called as queen, as King can’t do anything against the queen.Google now have to read complete content on the page and can simply put the same section user search for.

#Q6>> As a beginner blogger many I doubt don’t even know about Content and context would love to get few examples to help masses??

#Ans>> Example: A user search for “how to repair mixer grinder at home” and the keyword is being searched for more than 5000 times a month still that keyword won’t convert at all.

As the user intention is knowledge to repair his existing device, however, writing based on the review of mixer grinder won’t help no matter how long may we write content on that unless we add the same knowledge he needs with step by step approach for fixing his device.

#Q7>> what is parasite SEO?

#Ans>> Here is the link to the podcast by Arbab Usmani which explains parasite SEO in hindi  parasite seo podcast

Q8>> 1. Do you think entire link building is shifting toward authority more and more rather than backlinks on keywords 

Ans>>Yes, just getting backlinks on keywords is not helping much. Backlinks with keyword based anchor text will not matter much. We are now focusing on getting links for homepage first. Moreover, naked anchor or generic anchors are what we started using nowadays.

 Q8>>what is the future of link building as Google introduce rankbrain which now understand the context

Ans>>  It is going to be same for atleast a few more years. Links will always matter. It’s just that Google will be much accurate in predicting unnatural linking.

Q9>> Authority site vs Micro niche (churn burn) which you feel is worth?

Ans>> mix of both.
On micro niche one can take risks while on authority you have to play slow and that can make you impatient.

Q10>Which method of back linking should we start for new site, after how many article, what dos & don’t regarding back link

Ans>>  I usually wait for 2 months before getting good quality links. However, after the first 15-25 days you can take some good quality profile links to your homepage.

First build some authority to your homepage, Don’t directly build links to Post links.

Use generic or naked anchors. Don’t always build links with keywords as anchors. Google is very smart enough to understand what your content is all about. You no longer need to specify keywords using anchor text. Google knows about it. 🙂

Q11>>Do you think hiring a PR agency to get back links is a good strategy?

Ans>> No. Most of them are useless.

Q12>>Method to find low competition long tail keywords?

Ans>> Use ahrefs keyword explorer. Type a word that is common in search. Click on having same terms and explore the results.

For example, type “top 10” and see. To find link tail, set word count to more than 3
want to read how to find ultra low comptitive keyowrd ?masterblogging ultralow kw

extra motivation for you 

Q13 >> Are you working for any long term project or on long term vision. How do you planning for the SEO / Organic reach of the same? Now and ahead in 2019 as well?

Ans>> Building Authority blogs in multiple Niches. 🙂 Adsense and Affiliate Income to be a major source.

Working on products, plugins, tools, etc. 🙂

Q14>> ideal structure of a micro niche site, (dynamic or static homepage? other imps. things to consider)

Ans>> Depends!!

I go with static if I there is only 1 major keyword and other keywords can be covered in the same article.

I go with dynamic if I can break down the keywords into multiple articles.

Q15>> What are the key things while selecting keywords

Ans>> First Page Results

Are new sites (1-2 year old) ranking on first page?

Is the keyword something that Google knowledge graph cannot answer presently?

Google Trends

Is the keyword something where the user may not open second search result?

Second page results. What sort of sites are there on it?

And so many things …

 Q16>>Is PBN still a good strategy to adopt in 2019?
Ans>> Yes, if done properly.

Make PBN as a regular blog, give it equal importance and take link whenever you feel is the right time.

Q17>> What Are the Main Points to Remember Before we start event Blogging?  Iftekhar Ahmed  bro?? 
the one who was replying to all these question was iftkhar ahmed from 
Ans>>  1. Audience Country
2. Image searches or regular searches, What’s the intent
3. Is it something that user want’s badly. Will he really click on multiple links to get what he needs. Example, in case of streaming keywords, a person can even signup. While in case of wallpapers or quotes keyword, a user will simply close the site if he doesn’t like the design or find it confusing
4. Adsense safe
5. Will news/big/authority sites cover it
6. How long is the event for.
Q18 >> should category be indexed or no-indexed?
Ans>> yes indexed it helps in getting site link as well
Bonus Tips 
This should answer some doubts:

A few points that many people need to understand.
1. Backlinks shown by Ahrefs are not the only backlinks a site has.
2. If you see 100 backlinks on Ahrefs, it doesn’t mean that Google Indexed those 100 backlinks.
3. If you disavow backlinks using Google Disavow tool, it will be disavowed. But it will still show on ahrefs. Please understand this. Many sites may have 100s of links, but you never know if the webmaster has disavowed the links or not.
4. The effect of backlinks on Ranking takes time. If a backlink starts showing on Ahrefs, it doesn’t mean that you start judging the power of that link.
5. If Ahrefs shows only 50 Referring Domains, it doesn’t mean that the site has backlinks from only 50 Referring Domains. It can be higher or it can even be lower.
6. You can index your backlinks using “Google Submit URL” link. Indexers may or may not work. You cannot determine if a link is indexed or not. Even if it is indexed, it will not always show the results instantly.
7. To get a proper understanding of Competition, always spy backlinks of multiple competitors instead of just spying on one.
8. Anchor text plays a powerful role. Naked Anchor, Brand Anchor, Generic Anchor and long-tail anchor are first preferences these days.
9. According to me, Ahrefs DR is currently one of the most powerful metric. Since their last update, I see that only a few sites are left with a good rating. Instead of seeing the DA, do check DR before taking the link. It may help.
10. Don’t expect first-page ranking by stealing all backlinks of your competitor. Content and other factors also play a very vital role.

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