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Hellow there everyone,today we will discuss about how can you use Human Psychology To Grow Your Business.

It’s very compulsory to be good at using Human Psychology To Grow Your Business.So growing your business has a directly proportional relation with the tipping into the human psychology and human behavior.Understanding the sales psychology of the customer is an exact buying trigger.Grow standard grow your business.

The main goal of every business is a final sale; if you say I am not wrong, let me ask you a question who buys your product ? its human being right? then you must know how to convert customers into sales by tapping into their psychology

So in this post, I will discuss business psychology or sales psychology techniques which you can implement to convert leads into clients/ convert leads into sales.

In my opinion for growing a business, psychology, and marketing come hand in hand.Now let’s see an example how growing business needs an understanding of human psychology.

let’s say I am trying to buy a vegetable from a local shop or say from the village shop.Then obviously the village shop will have a low price.Still when I go to buy from local or village shop then I will bargain with him for 1Rs/ 2rs of discount even though his price is already discounted price.

This is what the customer psychology will be: while buying I think its nothing wrong in asking the discount( and here I am not saying anything wrong if I ask for a discount too and its not only my psychology it’s the psychology of all kind of buyers.)

When the buyer has a mental pre-defined Psychology that there is nothing wrong with asking discount the obviously I will ask for the discount isn’t?

Hence in such case, you can’t do anything to avoid that consumer behavior.The only way you can use to be safe is to change customers way of thinking when I(as a buyer) go to the shop, here you(as owner of shop) need to have a great intelligence in understanding human behavior.

Let’s say you have given me some discount.Once I get a discount from your shop and after completion of buying everything I will ask you Please give me a plastic bag I didn’t get any bag and now its difficult to take the vegetables in hand.

Then obviously you will give me an extra plastic bag coz your psychology says if you don’t give me I may not come next time and you can’t grow your business or you will have a business loss.that’s why you have to give me.Your Psychology says this.


customer asking for discount with owner

Now Again Let’s see the other part of the business psychology.

Here, in this case, considering that I am going to buy vegetables from some supermarket:

When I go to supermarket I never bargain with the shopkeeper there, I don’t ask for any discount if it’s not said discount is there, I never ask discount personally.

but when I go in any of the shops in my village I ask discount at the discounted price too.

Also here in a supermarket, I pay for the plastic bag too.I don’t say any word while buying carry bag too I will simply pay how much price it costs but if it was village shop definitely I would have asked for giving a free plastic bag.

All this reason behind me acting differently when I got to shop in the village is nothing but just coz of the Human psychological behavior.

Here in shopping mall/supermarket, I see everywhere neat and clean, everything managed, everything looking nice compared to the villages’ shop.

Even the dress a village shopkeeper wear might be not so clean, but in the supermarket, everything is well managed from cashier to helper they look neat and clean.

There everything looks standard so as per human psychology ” WE TRY TO BEHAVE IN A SAME WAHY HOW PEOPLE OF OUR SURROUNDING ARE BEHAVING”

So the people/worker of the supermarket behaves like rich people, standard people.

Hence everyone whoever goes to the supermarket they also try to behave like they are rich, they are also standard background people.Therefore they never ask for any kind of discount etc.

Still, if they don’t need a bag then also there is a chance that people might buy shopping bag just to match their standard with other people.

Take Away: Hence if you do any business try to improve your standard, from arranging, managing, dressing, keeping clean, to everything possible from your end.

Don’t think your business is small and you don’t have to do any of this things.No business is small you always have to grow your standard.

Let me give you a simple analogy to understand now: If you are going somewhere say party and if all are in a boot, shoes, tie and professional looking then you don’t go in slippers, red paint, green shirt, yellow sunglasses you to try to look like professional people isn’t it?

Likewise, All people behave in the same way how the surrounding environment is.

That is why for your customer, make them feel you are also professional and your business is also standard so when they come to you they also wanna prove you they also fall under the category of so-called standard people like you.

Try every possible thing to make your business standard one.

For example, if You are a business owner and if you have a website try to make the android app of your website even if it’s not required so vigerously just to improve your standard you have to do it, this is is also part of the business investments don’t take it lightly,


supermarket business way “image source : asiafundNavigator”

While talking about the android app, if you say oh Raju developing an android app of my website is too costly then give me your website, I will provide an Android app of your business website for you in 5$.

Other are trying to increase there standard daily in every possible way and you lose your business if you don’t focus on improving your business standard.

I will be glad to help you in getting the Android app of your website if you don’t know how to develop it.


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“Understanding human psychology is a great way to grow your business”

“Toppers or the Successful people don’t do the different things they do the things differently.Be different be the topper”