Google Adds Title Tags To Image Search Results[ Google Update 2018]

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Hello there everyone, So today I am here again with another Google updates that can boost your SEO it’s about SEO page title. Google has recently announced that “Google Adds Title Tags to Image Search Results”.

So now onwards you can consider this title tag of the image as a google search engine optimization strategy.
So basically the title will be based on your page title.

As a business owner, we all want to rank higher in the search result.So Google has given this opportunity to meet your goal just grab this opportunity.

What is the meaning of Google now Adds Title Tags to Image Search Results?

Well if you have this question look at to this picture below which clearly explains the meaning.

In current section (left side) see the name in below of the picture and at the same time:

In now section (right side) see the picture/image description in the bottom of the picture.

here in now section, there is nothing to say about the image we ourselves have to find out what the picture is about.
But, in now section, the picture speaks very well. So this update also really helps even in improving your local SEO.

google adds title tag in image

imgsrc: SearchEngineJournal

How is this update helpful For SEO?

Well, SEO is also an act of doing something better your competitor that’s how you rank higher than other.

So in simple logic, if other people are not implementing these tactics of improving their page title than obviously you can get an advantage over them and rank higher.

Here is the deal: so it’s a fact that not all sites have well-chosen page titles. Going forward, those who value their rankings in Google Image Search need to pay extra careful attention to optimizing title tags.

And hence if you start keeping in mind when you write content that Google Added a Title Tags to Image Search Results and optimize accordingly you start ranking higher.

Let us say you are providing some cool vegetables that are available in sarjapura city of Bangalore India.

So if someone restaurant from Bangalore wanna buy fresh vegetables from Bangalore so the moment they Search “fresh vegetables in Bangalore”

Google probably show them also your title tag when they see your if the restaurant people are also near to the sarjapura road and they see sarjapur road in the image caption then chances are there for them you have become now the more relevant customer.

So Google also ranks your image higher for people searching nearby sarjapur road. This is called Local SEO and yes this is how you can optimize your content and increase SEO ranking.

Hope you got something from this blog.Do comment if you get something new to learn today.That motivates me to keep posting good content next time.