How To Get Backlinks :  Easy Building Backlinks tips [ updated 2018]

How To Get Backlinks : Easy Building Backlinks tips [ updated 2018]

in this artilce, you will learn about how to get backlinks the right way. For SEO link building works as a backbone. so Building backlink is must to  rank hihg . .But unfortunately, Link building has been almost like next to impossible for those who have not kept an ability to change and adapt to the new coming strategy, tools, ways, and technique.So I have planed to write a post on link building guide(white what)  technique.

What is link building?

: So basically  linking here is nothing but its just a simple concept that if someone has pointed to your site from their website then they are linking to you,  so you built link thats called BACKLINKS .This is as simple as that.But its not over here.


Can a link be Bad and good both?:

yes, its the link that you may get from any of the websites may be both bad and good.

What are a good link and what are the bad link then?

: for a link to be good it needs to fulfil some of the following categories: let’s say you have a website of a niche Marketing then the link you get to your site should be:

1. From a marketing niche
2. Should be from high Authority Sites
3. Should bo Dofollow Link and nofollow both
3. backlink you get should be auditorial
4. backlink you get should not be bought
5. backlinks you  get to your website should be an in-content backlink

If the link you get doesn’t fall into this category then it’s a risky and so are called bad backlinks.

Why are backlinks so important?

ok after all backlink helps in ranking your website higher so how it helps is, let me give you an example: Let’s say you need an android developer then if I recommend saying hay Mr this man is good at android development.

Then you got to know now after that guy is a good android developer, isn’t it? in the same way, backlinks work like that if I gave you backlink then indirectly I am saying to google that I this website and this website is a very good website and the content are worth reading.

Then there comes a logic for Google to rank your site higher.Therefore we need backlinks for SEO.

But here is the key: Again remember the case of an android developer being recommended by me ok,

So how can you believe that he is a good android developer? Now If I am a good android developer then there is a chance that I might know him from very long and I may know what needs to be a good android developer.That’s how you may believe that a person I am recommending is a good android developer.

But still, once you hired him If he was the worst android developer then would you ask me for recommending someone next time? and would you hire him next time?

Big NO right?

In the same way, if you are being pointed by someones’ website or (get a backlink) you need to find out that who is linking to you exactly, is he a person who knows what you are doing and what your content is all about.

So bottom line: Never ask giving backlink from the website which doesn’t have the same niche of yours.

If google founds you were not someone to be recommended then you will be penalized+ the one who recommended you will also be penalized and both of yours ranking drops down.

hope till here you are clear about what is backlink.
why backlink is important.
what is a good backlink and what is a bad backlink
and how to avoid getting a bad backlink.

Note: When your content is awesome google gives you backlink of its own but ranking higher without backlink is also tough.So the solution is you need to create backlink of your own and this guide helps you for that.

How to get backlinks

Now let’s talk about the best backlink building strategy:
before going through the ways to make backlinks its very necessary to understand google webmaster guidelines

1. Creating Infographics:
This is a very good way to get a lot of backlinks.Here is how you can get backlinks with infographics its often called  of manual outreach link building
goto the buzzsumo, write a keyword of your niche it shows all of the most shared content of your search then go to the content create infographics of the content you loved and do embed a code to your site in the bottom of the infographics and then all done message the owner of the content

hey mr.[firstname],
I Loved your content[inser link] so I have created an infographic of your content here it’s [send them infographics] you may use.hope it would be valuable to your readers.Hoping to see your response
[your name]

so when your infographics come to the web and when other too use your infographics they will be linked back to you.Boom you got one of the best quality backlinks

Note: You can create infographics from

if you don’t know how to embed code: use wp plugins embed code generator

PRO TIPS :you can find the website owner email using tool

2. Asking Friend For Backlink: As I said earlier, it should be looking like a natural link building.If you and your friends are in the same niche you can ask your friend for giving a backlink but I should not be like: just now you have posted one post and you got 10 backlinks from 10 friends even if they are in the same niche.It should be natural.

4. Reciprocal Linking: It’s somehow similar to the previous point, reciprocal linking means just you link to someone else and they link back to you, Its good link building strategy if it is within user standard , that means it should look natural . thats how you get sometimes good backlinks  free .

3. Submit To Web Directory: It’s not bad in submitting your site to such directory which is good and informational in your niche.These kinds of directory off course will give  you the backlinks. But personally i dont like this method coz most of the directory take so long time ot approve.

4. Guest Blogging: Guest blogging is nothing but if you are writing a blog post for me then I will just give you backlink or link back to you. and guest blogging sometimes may get you backlinks from very authoritative as well like forbes entreprenuer etc etc .

Alert: The blog should not be made just for guest posting and linking to each and everyone.

Pro Tips:  if you could make to get links  from  colleges with .edu or .org  site then its a huge plus point  get backlinks from edu sites  or .org site as they will always have high authority .is a worth investing time on. So this is also one of a good way.


5 Using Ahrefs To Find LIkely Linker:
here, after creating infographics next what you can do is go to the Ahrefs and then type the URL of the content you created the infographics then find the person who is linking to that content and then email them hey

hey mr.[firstname],

I have created infographics of this content which have already linked back [insert url of the content ] so I thought you would love putting this infographic to help to your readers here its[send them infographics] hope it would be valuable for your readers too.Hoping to see your response

[your name]
then they obviously use your infographics so once they use it; they will automatically be linked back to you.

6. Find Out Your Competitors Common Backlink: this tool helps you to find out he competitors common backlinks

tools link

8. Get Indirect Backlink From Your Competitors:
Now after finding out the common backlinks of your competitors, this tool helps you to get the backlinks from that site.If these are the highest ranking and authoritative site in your niche it’s awesome.

Note: If you manage to get the backlinks from here then automatically your competitors will be linked back to you.

9. Wikipedia’s dead links there is a tool called
this is the tool that finds the dead link of the Wikipedia so you can use them in your favour by doing citation.

10. Blog commenting and posting:
this is one of the easy way you can implement ow itself. go to any one’s article.Let’s say you are reading my this article itself now at the bottom of this article there is an option of comment so you must comment in my article.

what wrong people do is when there is an option of the website they put their main website name but let’s say you want to rank an article called on-page SEO tips then what you have to do is in place of putting the website URL you need to put your article URL so your article ranks higher.

note google knows what you are doing so make sure you do in a genuine way not just to spam and get backlinks at any cost.

11. Roundup Post: There are a lot of experts and the people who are already much far away then you in your niche so how you can use roundup post in creating a backlink is that you may mail them this way:

I am huge fan of your work.
so much so that I really wanna include you in my roundup post are you okay with that?


So the roundup post is nothing but you ask all of them the same question let’s say you are going to include 12 people in your roundup post then if you are in marketing niche then you may ask all of them the same question

so you can include their views as your blog post.

and you may send them post link so they will see and they may share too and as not only the single person but if you could include other expert then out of those one may talk about that article in his post too chances are there then in such case you generate quality backlinks easily ;

either a way even if they didn’t talk about it if they shared only then also its worth doing. since article being shared by an expert and your girlfriend boyfriend matters more . (LOL!!!)

This way you get good backlinks manually.

obviously have more fan followers and your content gets more share =more share = more popularity = high rank=more backlink=more higher rank.
Extra Content Tips:
1.When you write a content try to write as list it ranks higher.
2. Try to be creative it makes you unique, which ranks higher.
3. Try to write In-depth post not just for the sake of increasing no of the article in your list
4. Try to include Images in your article
5. Try to make a video of your blogpost and embed that video in your article

these types of content rank higher and give you more backlinks.

What To Do After Link Building?




Link building is one among the top factor for ranking higher after the content.So building link is not enough trying to give lot more attention to your content too.A bad content getting a higher link is also like a sign of spamy activities.Isn’t it dear?Think yourself.

So sometimes you may get a link from such site which you do not want to do so, in that case, this tool helps you to give alert and find out <a href=”” link alert</a> recently added the link and after finding out the recently added link what you have to do is just you have to do active disavow

your website backlink checking tool

Do you think all these tips and tricks were helpful?

hope you liked my these link building strategy.

then yes you must comment which was your favorite and motivate me to write more and more.

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