Google Rich Snippets: What Is Rich Snippets [ with example]

Google Rich Snippets: What Is Rich Snippets [ with example]

If you are In the field of SEO you might have heard the word snippets or rich snippets many times.For beginners, it might be vague to know what exactly it is? this article tells you about google rich snippets and demonstrates you with snippets exampleM by searching on Google in real time basis to improve your SEO.

Lets learn about Google rich snippets with examples

Whenever you search for anything on google you get the certain result all that results are called snippets.

what are rich snippets in SEO?

rich snippets are the terms that are used to give a more elaborative description of the content markup which helps Google to understand the content easily.

what are

google rich snippets?

: the snippets which give rich(more) information than normal snippets are called rich snippets.As simple as that right?

so now, let me show you by searching the word “how to prepare mo:mo” this is the result i got,


so now, here in the picture shown above what difference you have seen?

The one which is given right tick mark has a picture in it along with the title name. It has a rating too, and one also includes the time to prepare momo and the calories it gives.

But, the other which are given cross mark does not have a picture in it. do not have the rating do not have calories and timing information

so which has given a rich(more) information to the visitors the results which are right tick marked right?

that’s why these are called rich snippets. or richer result or the result which is giving more information.

now let’s talk a bit about :


Are rich snippets important for SEO ?:

ok before I answer this question let me ask you one question: which result you may click by looking at above picture the one who also includes an image and its rating, calories value is given timing has given or the simple one which you would click

obviously, you may open the right tick marked one, isn’t it?

so if more people are clicking on that over another result then more people are liking it so if more people are liking it obviously google tries to rank that particular post higher

since: higher CTR = high rank

How to implement rich snippets then? :

you need to make use of structured data for implementing rich snippets in WordPress there are also certain rich snippets generator tools that you can use in your website.

read here: how to implement structured data

Last Tips Rich snippets helps you to obtain featured snippets easily

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