Different Techniques To Get Backlinks

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Getting the website to the top is the obsession of every website owner and SEO expert. If your website is on top that means you have top ranking, more readers, and more traffic on your website.


All these things come hand in hand, but the real question is how to get backlinks to support your website to become one of the top ranked websites. Where most of the people work from the core, building their website some want to make it to the top within days. So, on basis of these ways, there are two main ways to get the backlinks.

  • The paid way that consumes a lot of money and a lot of time.
  • Non-paid ways where you don’t have to pay or bribe them with guest posts.

Guest blogging

Guest blogging was huge before google identified people who were using mass guest blogging to promote their website. The criteria is a little tough, you have to maintain the quality but that’s really effective.

It’s very important to find a website where you can post your work as a guest blogger, it is a little difficult as most of the website owners demand better quality or sometimes even money.

The real question is how to stay authentic and still get accepted by the website owner? The answer is, ask the website owner about what he wants, you have to write something that is relevant to his website.  The quality has to be good enough and the topic must be related.

Always Go for quality and choose high authority website, Check DA & PA before you invest money for guest post.


If you are ready to spend some money, the donation is defiantly the easiest way to earn a backlink. You don’t have to know any tricks or term in order to get a backlink via donation.

Search for a website that is related to your niche and accepts the donation. On searching the website mail the owner for donation and write the URL to your website.

In order to search for the website just search for your keyword, donation and contribution page and you will end up with the list of websites accepting donations.

Broken link method

Link building or broken link building method is an easy way to increase the rank of your website. It is a little tricky and you have to be familiar with SEO and technology but it has proved to be the best and most effective method so far.

In simple words, there are sometimes broken links, no matter how good your website is sometimes it leads to a vacant location.

All you have to do is find these broken links and connect your own website URL to it. Instead of landing on a vacant location next time on clicking the link, the reader will land on your page.

This way you get the link and the reader doesn’t have to go through the frustration of landing on landing on the broken link again.

Track your competitors

Competitors track and war happen everywhere in mainstream brands then why not in cyber brands too. We see Samsung and apple or coke and Pepsi tracking each other’s strategies that exactly what we are doing in tracking the backlinks of your competitors.

Identify the top ten sites for each word you want to rank, now check these sights for relevance, sanity, and duplication. Take these domains and drop them in intersection tool you will get a list as a result.

The moment you click link opportunities you’ll see all the sites that link to the domains you entered. You can also duplicate all the backlinks used by your competitors, this approach is a little tricky but works perfectly.