Best On-Page SEO Technique[2018]

Best On-Page SEO Technique[2018]

SEO is a technique of ranking your website in the top or the higher position when a user searches a query related to the business or the services you provide.

let’us understand this with an example lets’ consider that I have typed the word “Best on-page SEO technique” in goolge.Then some website might be displayed on the SERP(Search Engine Result Page).

 on-page seo technique
on-page seo

now carefully if you have seen the picture above then you have noticed that the website is ranked as a no. 1, 2, 3,4 and all of the above website is giving the best on-page SEO technique but then also why some are no.1 some are no.2 why its so? the answer is simple its all because of the SEO.

the site which is displayed first is the website who is implementing SEO practices more accurately compared to the other website for this keyword ” on-page SEO technique” so its ranked higher. This is called Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

categories: there are two types of SEO

On-page SEO &
Off-page SEO

here we will discuss only the on-page SEO strategies:

ok let’s start with the practices of on-page SEO

tips1 start your title with the keyword that matches with the word nearer to your focus keyword

let’s understand this with example:

on-page seo

fig1; here the keyword on-page SEO is at the beginning of the title so this is the correct way of writing title.

now let me show you wrong way:

wrong on-page seo technique
seo technique

fig2: here the focused word on-page SEO is at last so this is the wrong way. coz when your website is crawled then on page SEO in your title is scanned at last but in the previous picture, it can be scanned earlier so previous technique of writing title is useful.

tips 2: wrap off your post title always with the tag always

<.h1>Best On-Page SEO Technique[2018]<./h1> // correct (note:remove dot)
 Best On-Page SEO Technique[2018] // incorrect

tips 3 link your pages; what I mean is if I say please to read other awesome content when,why,and who must learn digital marketing in 2018 click here now as soon as you choose to click on click here my other content will also be opened so again you will be staying on my own website for a long time to read that post too right? so this helps the google(SE) to recognize that my site is useful to people are staying longer time here.

tips 4 image optimization you can optimize image in several way:

image alt tag
always its good to use the alt tag in the image coz crawler identifies what type of image it’s from the text in the alt tag.

image type:
the best image format to use is .jpg rather than other format

caption tag its used for the user also to identify what the picture is all about even if the picture is loading slow or whatever the reason may be. so always use the caption

image file name rename the file that you are going to upload and if its possible try to make the file name single word.

let’s see this with an example:


like this you have to maintain everything: but here I have given .png file which is wrong you shouldn’t use .png use .jpg

URL always use the short URL and include SEO your keyword
e.g 1: (correct way) this is my blog post about how not to fail in startup

e.g 2(wrong way)
http://www.rajukhadka,com/p=1234-best-tips-which-you never ger-about -how not-to-fail in-startup/

SYNONYMS always try to use the synonyms of the keywords to be focused: why it so means it’s not always necessary that everyone searches the way in same way

when searching for the word “how to optimize website” other might search by the word “how to rank my website”

so the user might search for this kind of different way so always try to include the synonyms of your keywords too.

conclusions: there are still the lot more things you have to know to optimize your blog or website and rank higher in Google. so keep your eyes up I will be uploading another post with lot more content on SEO and ranking higher in the search engine.

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