This Is How You Become Digital Marketing Influencer & Earn Money

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Hello There, today we will discuss a very interesting topic How You can Become Digital Marketing Influencer & Earn Money.So before we start how you really can become digital marketing influencer or social media influencer let’s understand what actually an influencer is.

A Social Media Influencer or online marketing is a user on social media who have established credibility in a specific industry. A social media influencer has access to a large audience and can persuade others by virtue of their authenticity and reach.

So my topic of discussion here will be on how you can become a digital marketing influencer but the same is applied for any kind of influencer wheater you are a political influencer, artistic influencer or whatever it may be okay?

In fact, you may also get a question hey Raju how many flowers I need to have in order to call myself a Social Media Influencer?

so my answer is it’s not about how many followers you need, but it’s about how many people you are able to impact and influence.It’s about how many people you are able to help to push them to be good at something.That’s what digital marketing/social media marketing influencers do.

how you can earn money as digital marketing influencer/social media marketing influencer;

It’s simply the first thing or the first-way a social media marketing influencers can earn money is like once you become an influencer you will be noticed by so many other brands and the industries hence they will give you their product if the product is about web analytics product then they will give you that product and make a review of that and they will pay for you.

If the product is good and as you are influencer means obviously people trust you, people follow you so there is a chance that your followers may opt for that product because of the trust that you have developed.

Once you are noticed by big brands, and let’s say you are internet marketing expert and you know how to run ads and market product then the company may request you to take that project and market it and bring them sales hence you will be paid. Once you become an influencer the doors are opportunities are endless.

Is it Easy or Hard to become an Influencer? Ok, let’s say you have thought of going to social media and become an influencer and you decided to start uploading videos on youtube as your first strategies but you know what, they’re crowded, everyone’s already on them. So, how are you going to stand out, and become famous?

Even I am trying to become an online marketing influencer/famous.So these are the following strategy that I am planning to work on with to become social media influencer.

Tips #1

You have to be consistent:

I don’t care if you’re producing content like blog posts, or videos or podcasts.

And I’m not talking about being consistent by like publishing one article a week or one video a week.

I’m talking about doing this for year and years at least 5-10 years to become an influencer and keep and continue doing till you die yes this is how you have to do.

People like Neil Patel, Brain Dean who is also a super influencer in the field of marketing, Gary Vaynerchuk, Seth Godin, Guy Kawasaki, Tim Ferriss.

they didn’t build their brands overnight.

Sure, a lot of those guys are way more famous than you and me, and you know what, they’ve been doing this a lot longer. so what does that tell you? You have to be doing this consistently.

Gary built up his brand over the last ten years; it didn’t happen overnight.

Neil Patel built up his brand over the last ten years; it didn’t happen overnight.

Guy Kawasaki started off as Apple’s evangelist back in the day.

Again, it didn’t happen overnight.

take away; Be consistent for years and years

tips #2 Leverage different media types
You can try video; you can try blogging, you can try podcasting. But you have to be everywhere. Some people prefer videos; some people want to listen while they drive, some people want to read because it’s quicker and easier for them to digest.

Previously I have written one post about how you can do awesome on-page seo tips &off-page seo

So the moment I created a blog post I got some message saying I love your content but I love watching a video so would you mind giving me your video link if you have a youtube channel?

then I knew Oh some people love reading, some love watching and some love to listen when they walk So I have started making youtube video too and soon planning for podcast too.

Take away: Just don’t think you can be famous and can become social media influencer in the crowd where everyone wants to become an influencer or famous like you and me just by being consistent in one platfomr.No its next to impossible to become an influencer unless you are available everywhere.

Tips #3: Engage with your community
When you leave a comment, I respond. Don’t believe me? Leave a comment right now with a question, and I bet you, I’ll respond.

That’s how I engaged I am, I care about you.

If you don’t care about other people and you’re not going to help them out, don’t expect to build a brand and a community of people willing to follow you.

It’s all about reciprocating.

I genuinely enjoy helping other people, and you should too.

If you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, and you don’t care for others, then don’t do it. Don’t be that fake person, truly care about what you’re doing. It matters because it shows in the quality of your work.

When I respond to someone and they say thanks, of course, I’m going to respond back, with a short comment like thanks.

But I still respond to let them know I’m here, listening to them. But when they ask a detailed question, I’m here with the detailed response.


Because short response shows I don’t care, and it won’t help them. Care, and engage and respond.

see the below image to get the proof how engaging the influencers are

see here this is the post of Neil Patel youtube channel from where I even collected the idea of this blog post to somewhat, here have you seen?

In the comment that he is replying 5 to 6 times until and unless the person who had a doubt said YES I AM NOW CLEAR ABOUT MY DOUBT THANK YOU NEIL” this is how it works and he is even replying to just a thank you message also.It shows your follower that you care about them and you will build a more lovely emotion


Use #digitalmarketing (Hashtag): see here is the deal most of the people will go to the social sites like Twitter to express their views
so there are lot other new and basic level people too who wanna learn digital marketing.

(I am considering here digital marketing) but you can tweak this as per your niche.

So when the new people search some influencer to follow on twitter if you have written the hashtag #digital marketing on the twitter then for those new people you are also as an influencer.

So they start following you and once they love your content they will share then their friends will share then friends of friends may share this is how you grow your network.


here in the figure above when I typed the word #digitalmarketing hashtag then i got a list of all people who have written themselves as a digital marketer in their bio so if you do same you too will be listed when other types.

Final Thoughts: The gameplay as an approach to become an influencer is to try try try test test test and succeed.Rember this know one influencer till today became an Influencer just within a day or months it takes years and years
but its 101% sure you will succeed in this game.

Why I guarantee is once you are able to
Put yourself as an influencer even influencer support you.Then the game becomes way more interesting.

Are you ready to become an influencer now.? Comment below yes so I can support you too.