Is AI going To Kill Digital Marketing? [See Here What Neil Patel Answers]

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This is the Neil Patel’s interview taken by Adam. Neil Patel is considered  as one of the top digital marketer and founder  of so many companies like crazzy eggs and a lot more  .

And the question was Will Artificial Intelligence overshadow digital marketing and SEO in coming years?


His answer: I don’t feel that Artificial Intelligence is going to overshadow digital marketing. Artificial Intelligence is going to start being integrated into marketing campaigns, not what most of you guys are thinking about, and here’s what I mean.

You’re going to start seeing a lot of things integrated together, in which the technology and the intelligence is going to start dictating what people do in their life, more so by making suggestions, and they’re going to try to get companies to switch brands.

What I believe is going to happen is Google and Facebook, and a lot of these companies are going to power this technology, and they’ll also power the ads.

So, they’ll integrate with Sub-Zero, who will be the publisher, which is a fridge manufacturer, and Google will be the software vendor, and they’ll run the technology, and they’ll give Sub-Zero a kickback.

So think right now, you have a website, AdSense is running on your website, anytime someone clicks on your AdSense on your website, Google kicks you back a check.

That’s what will end up happening with offline products, and you’re going to start seeing artificial intelligence integrated into a lot of aspects from your life, and not only will it make your life more convenient, but they’ll start dictating what brands that you should end up buying.

That’s marketing.


That’s what I see that’s going to happen in artificial intelligence. How can you get in front of it? I have no clue, but it’s still early on. In the next three, four years, we’re all going to have a better understanding of how we can start getting integrated into artificial intelligence and use it for marketing, but it’s still too early.

What you’re going see before artificial intelligence is more virtual reality in marketing. That’s what I see that’s going to happen to market before artificial intelligence comes in there.

let me give you an example of how marketing can be taken to next level with AI: Let’s say  you drink silk brand  milk

then your fridge says you hello there Mr. even a blue diamond have the same taste.would you like me to order it for you? and lets say you may ignore the deal.And it will really persuade you.

And lets say you said NO;

and next time your fridge may say “hey man your milk is going to be out of STOCK  by today and even there is a company named BLUE DIAMOND and  blue diamond is giving a milk with 50% off specially for you and lot of people are still saying the taste is not bad.

so again let’s say you may ignore for this time as well and next time again when your milk is going to be over you will get a request from your fridge again saying

“HEY mr. again your milk is going to be over by today evening, you want me to order a milk ? and yes one more thing i would like to tell you is that” today Blue diamond have offered a free one packet of milk as to taste for you.” Would you like me to order that milk ? your fridge says this

and you may be like oh is it? okey then , let me check today please accept the order. Then yes your milk will be ordered.

Now you can get groceries delivered to you. Right now they have buttons from Amazon; they have those Tide buttons, you push it, boom, you run out of tide, automatically gets delivered to you and gets charged to your account. Amazon even has it where you walk into certain stores, like in Seattle, there’s no one there, you can buy stuff, and they know it’s you, and you get charged for it.

original video link is given below. To be mentioned, post credit goes to neil patel