Advertisers Can Retarget Searchers With YouTube Ads[ 2018 Update]

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“Advertisers Can Retarget Searchers With YouTube Ads” So in this blog post I am going to give you one google update that is how “Advertisers Can Retarget Searchers With YouTube Ads.

This is really very helpful for you especially if you are an advertiser due to the combined power of Google and YouTube in AdWords.

You know what? In this world of technology, no one directly takes the buying decision the moment they see the product.

1st they go to see the feature if they like the features.

2nd  they search on google for the price.

3rd Once the price is as per their level they see the review.

Then they decide whether they gonna buy or not.

Now let me explain to you how you can be benefited as an advisor with this new updates called  “Advertisers Can Retarget Searchers With YouTube Ads”

Ok, let’s say I am trying to buy iPhone on its new release.

Then the first step I do I go to   and   see features like camera added security added etc etc

Then I see the review of the new release phone.

Now consider I have not bought the phone ok?

Then after two hours, If  I go to youtube to see some comedy videos.

Then as of now, the iPhone can’t see what I  have searched on google before going to youtube.

But due to this recent update now the iPhone company can see my all the details what I have searched in before opening the YouTube.

So if I had searched something related to iPhone then yes the game will start now.They can target me on youtube also and they can start showing me iPhone related ads.

Isn’t it cool?

it’s a proven fact that most of the people will be convinced  via video.

So the chance of growing your business is increased to next level.

Otherwise, in beginning days you had to had run the different ads on youtube and different Adword

But now you can target your audience easily even on YouTube.

They have not mentioned anything about pricing and either it will be a default setting on Adword or a manual setting. It should be manual setting obviously but let’s see how they will maintain pricing.We will see that in coming days

Hope you loved the article and comment below on what topic you want me to come up in the next article.

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