Hello, I’m Raju a passionate and Determined Digital Marketer.

I am all the way from Nepal. I  Have done my graduation from Bangalore India from Computer Science in Engineering branch.

I do not work anywhere In the company right now as an employee, I always love being freedom of my so-called boundaries and I started earning a bit myself from my startup Nexox ” A place for all web and marketing solutions”

I have started Nexox when I was in the 8th semester of my engineering.

My  story you may love reading

As every friend of mine have joined some colleges or degree after +2 but I was a bit late to take the decision and probably it’s because I didn’t have anyone to guide me..

So lately I decided to join engineering( I was not aware of what engineering exactly is) and I decided to join computer engineering after a huge argument with my father and I joined computer engineering coz I had seen computer(sounds absurd but its the truth ) in my life so I decided to join just because of this clue.

but never knew that computer is all about programming languages…

And yes I was very new to a programming language and maybe somehow the way programming stuff are being taught I didn’t like programming either of the way..

So before 2018, I didn’t have any clue how I am gonna live my life as I learned nothing about programming language and I don’t have any choice of dropping out the college in between so I was just stuck…

But still, I learned how to do web development a bit and using WordPress etc etc. so one day my teacher asked to me to develop a simple website where he can put all the college notes so that we can download from there …

So I did it even though I was not good at and the fact is even no one was good at doing when we were in college days

And I got paid from my teacher, then my journey of the Startup “Nexox” started I  was more than happy ever at that time so from that day onwards I started designing WordPress site for other people too…

But as I didn’t have any interest in programming language I could not scale up with my startup then I joined facebook group and I started becoming friends with those unknown people who seemed to be geeky for me, So I approached them after being good friend with them  and We started working together and get websites ,graphics designing,and Android apps developed..

Was I satisfied?

No, I was still hungry to do something awesome which I always love may be all of us call it as a business and entrepreneur life.

as I always can’t depend on someone doing my stuff all the time  and I can’t also do everything by my self but I also I never the idea of joining a company and work hard like anything  for someone else

So what is that I choose as solution?

Then I decided I need to be damn good one thing that I love doing and I need to hire someone else who is good at something in which I am bad at..

So one day suddenly a thought came to me and it was this “ anyway finally If I become to be good at giving services to others then I need to market my stuff and I need to reach to the people who really need my service”  so there by my journey to Learn Digital Marketing started.

Finally, I found, this is the thing that I was looking for and yeah marketing needs understating your prospects understanding people. Even if they don’t understand what they need you need to understand what they need this is what I call peoples skill and I feel I am good at this

So my journey to start learning digital marketing is still going with the J-curve and hence now I have also started giving marketing services to those people who need it.

And here in this blog,  I share my Learnings, all my Struggles,  my hurdles and the outcomes.

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“Marketing Is not reaching to the people and selling them, But It’s  reaching to the right people so they can BUY”

and that’s where i am good at !!