25 Guaranteed ways to Get Clients For Any Niche

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I welcome you to read this awesome 25 Guaranteed ways to Get Clients For Any Niche.Let’s know the magic behind a way to get your first clients. Either you are a marketing agency, consulting business Fashion, Education, Industry or whatever niche you are in you need to get clients to scale, you need a customer. Hence this article is all about Ways To Get More Clients

If you have been searching here and there to know how to get a new customer for your business then this guide is absolutely for YOU.

Whom This Article Is For?

This article is for everyone who wants to get new clients or new customers for business.

Even if you are a student this article is for you
Even if you are business owner this article is for you
Even if you have agency this article is for you

#Qns>> Where Can I Implement This strategy?

#Ans>> You can implement this strategy both Online and Offline

If You are student reading this:

you may have this doubt“I have knowledge but I am not a so-called expert but want to get started with does this article servers my purpose?”

#Ans>> Yes, this article is for you too. And for learner and newbies I have a special bonus for you at the last so don’t skip that.

background about client before we start with ways to get more clients :

There are three possible ways to get the clients :
1.Online( either they may contact you)
2.Offline (either you may contact them or they may contact you)
3.Referral( They contact you)

So first let’s start with:

ways to get more clients online:

#1: Find the businesses that are using Adwords ads but not Facebook ads. Pitch them for Facebook marketing services.

And find the business which are using the Facebook ads but not tasted the power of SEO(Search Engine Optimization) and Adwords. Pitch them for these services.
You can do keyword research on Google and note down the advertisers. Then find them on the Facebook to know if they are active or not and vice-versa

once you get their website then you can get their email id using this tool: www.hunter.io

#2: Find a business owner

Find the businesses you wanna work with & find their website. Now sometimes when you email them, it gets handled by their marketing team. So they don’t pass it to the actual business owners.
What to do in that situation? So, fill out the inquiry form and usually, you will get a reply from the actual decision maker or the business owner. That is the actual email id which you are looking for. Retarget these prospects and keep sending emails. Make use of above tool again.

#3 Help & Showcase your achievement :

Help others in Entrepreneur Groups like Clickfunnels, Facebook Ads Hack etc. business and marketing group, startup group, Post what you have learned or achieved in your niche. Once you post your learning/stats people tend to comment & interact with you. That help you build authority and intern get a client.

#4 Find a partner

If you are a beginner then partner up with someone and ask for their portfolio. Use it to pitch clients.
If their portfolio is in SEO niche then contact the people who need seo services tell them that you are into marketing and you can bring more organic traffic/ leads for them with the help of SEO. Chances of them giving you project will be high as you have got a testimonial.

#5 Learn new things and meet client:
Learn new technology & pitch clients for that service. For example, You can learn to build chatbots. Not many people are offering chatbot services. The market is huge but a number of consultants that are offering this is low.

#6 Make use of online portal:
You can find new clients from Indeed remote jobs. Many small companies from Tier 1 countries post their requirements on these websites. (USA, Australia, UK etc).

Once you find the name of the company, reach out to them using LinkedIn, Email, Facebook & all the social platforms which you can find them on. Try to directly contact the owner/CEO of the company.

Most of the time they agree to work with the contractor or a small team.

#7 Freelancing:
Find Projects from freelancing websites such as Upwork, Freelancer, Guru, Fiverr PPH etc etc .
Once you start a project with the client, don’t forget to ask for the referrals & more tasks from them.

If possible try to maintain relationships outside the platform too. It opens door to many possibilities plus you can save some fees. Do that once you get comfortable working with a particular client.

#8 Use LinkedIn:
Use your LinkedIn network to find new clients. Find all the startups, business owners & help them educate about something their competitor is doing & they should do too. Or Pitch your services.

#9 Linkedin sales Navigator:
Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to find new clients. This tool is worth paying for & you can opt for free trial too. Combine it with LinkedIn in-mail to reach to the prospect.

#10 Use Play store:
Find apps on Play store/App store. Look for the competitors & pitch them for marketing & development services.
You can also pitch the app company too if their marketing is not good.

#11 Find non-marketing coach:
Find coaches who are looking to sell their courses/their events. Help them in online promotion. You can find them from Event websites & Social Platforms like YouTube, LinkedIn & Facebook.

If they have a YouTube channel in about section you may find their mail-id

#12 Create Facebook Group:
Create a group around a particular niche. For example “Bangalore Startup Club”. Run some ads in Bangalore & drive people to your group. Then you can nurture those people. Teach them marketing for startup & this will get you clients.

#13 Partner up with Online Influencers: Get on a webinar/talk show with them. Their Guest will be likely to contact you for your services.

#14 Find the businesses with bad reviews online & offer them Online Reputation Management services.

#15 From your current clients, ask for the referrals. Tell them that if they refer any of their friends and they get marketing done from you then you get them some commission of free add-ons like Messenger Bot, Email marketing etc.

#16 Partner up with someone who gives Business coaching. Business owners come to them & that person will refer those business owners to you.

Offline Strategies To Get More Clients

#17 Let the game come to you. Build your authority in the market by setting up Personal branding on Youtube, Facebook Page & Website. Drive traffic to these Platforms. People will contact you with their project.

#18 Travel in 1st Class in Train & Business Class in Plane. Talk to the person sitting nearby. I have got one very big project using this technique. Even if you don’t get the project, you will get to friendly network with the person that is rich & you can get projects through their referrals.

#19 Join a Co-working place. You can network very easily with the founders, investors etc. Try to maintain good relations with the admin team of the co-working place.

These co-working space also have their FB and Whatsapp group. Be active in that. They are open to having you host a marketing talk. Idea is to find a startup that you can help.

#20 Find the businesses that are advertising in the local newspaper, magazines, Boards & local events, make them understand the power of online marketing. Help them grow online. This is how you convert local business as an online customer

#21 Do speaking events:
Talk at some marketing/Entrepreneur Event/ Dentist Annual Meet. Speaking at a particular event will get business owners to give contact you & give their project.

#22 Organize Workshop Organize some free/small priced workshop for business owners. Many times they will give their projects to you.

#23 Visit as an attendee on the events on which business owners are likely to come. Make sure to start the conversation & get their number. Do not pitch on the first meet. Ask them what they do and if they ask then tell them what you do.

Be in touch with Chartered Accountants & professionals that are in contact with business owners. Take their help.

#24 Use Amazon:
Write a book on Amazon & in the book give your contact details. Leads from Amazon position you as an expert & they are more likely to buy from you.

#25 Earn while you learn:
Let’s say you are learning Search Engine Optimization(SEO), then what you can do is collect all the client that are related to the SEO may be you can find them in the group where you go to learn SEO people keep on posting I need SEO expert etc post.

So pitch them and close the deal then outsource the same.

Cool right? Then you can even ask them how you have done you can ask the checklist/ report so you can also learn from that…
this was the bonus I said you earlier that I am going to give learner newbies or student

Bonus: Take Action… This is the most important thing!! What are you waiting for? Take action & get new clients.
This article credit goes to Rajat Ghai Raghat ghai blog

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