Best Off-page SEO Strategies For 2018

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SEO is not just about creating HTML page; its concept is really very far away then just creating and optimizing the particular page.All the activities that you/other gonna do other than with your content is known as off-page optimization.

Here we are gonna talk about the various strategies and techniques you can implement for doing an off-page optimization.

basically, when we talk about SEO we have two categories of SEO:
1.on-page SEO SEO



but here we are going to talk only SEO ranking technique for the ranking website.

before knowing off page SEO I recommend you to see once the on-page SEO technique then it would be more easy for you to learn off-page seo.heres is Best On-Page SEO Technique

Social Community Group: its very necessary for us to engage in the social community and help them with our valuable content(no-spam).so the more share =more chance of ranking higher.Even though the links that we generate from the social media are a no-follow link but it also carries a lot of value.


forum posting: We can start posting our blogs in the online discussion forum and this acts as a link to our website and chances of ranking increases.And don’t worry this is all white hat SEO unless you spam.


Keyword Research: keyword research is one of the main things that you can do to implement as off page SEO technique to optimize your content to rank higher in the Google(Search engine)

let me explain to you how keyword research helps you. suppose I am writing now off-page SEO strategies to help all of you guys for doing SEO.Here my focused keyword is Best Off-page SEO Strategies now if I just keep around my content only with this word then what if instead of searching Best Off-page SEO Strategies if someone searches Off-page SEO technique.

Then at that time its very less chance my blog post coming up on the upper page of SEPR(search engine page result) right? so that’s why I need to have a lot of related keywords. and this can be done with the help of google keyword planner( google keyword research tool

to know how its see the following picture


keword reserach

here this is not only the limited keyword there we have a lot of keyword i just took the screenshoot of limitd keyword so it helps me to render my contetn for all kind of the word related to seo and off-page seo.hope you are clared about the importance of the kewprd redearch for offpage seo as a search optimization.


Exchange of Links: Exchanging of the link with the related competitor is a very good choice but should not be kind of black hat SEO.This kind of link exchange is considered as this is kind of the


link building strategy which helps in optimization and is considered as valid SEO practices if done carefully.


Link Baiting: say you have recently read one SEO updates news from the google but you heard this news in website say Neil Patel’s website then you have to give a reference as I read this update in Neil Patel site. If you do so you build the link plus at the same time, you can also be more trustworthy.


Cross-Linking another SEO optimization tips i have for you is cross-linking. that means if you are writing off-page SEO tips then if you have another post already written about on-page SEO tipis then you can link both of this two saying if you wanna read about on-page SEO tips then you can say you can read from here or vice-versa this is called as anchor text also.


photo sharing:
say you have created a photo like this

off page factor


then you can write your website name somewhere in the corner and share that photo in lots of photos sharing sites like Flickr, Picasa, Photo Bucket, Picli, Tumblr, Instagram, Imgur, etc etc.

because of this, your sites will be more popular and again from there some might use on their blog as well. So this is a good technique for website or brand promotion eventually which helps in search engine optimization.


Video Promotions: I will tell you how I am doing a video promotion and how it’s helping me, here you can see my video about on-page SEO on-page SEO technique youtube video now there in description I will give my previous on-page SEO technique blog link too so it becomes everywhere and it will be promoted more, which means high page rank chance.


Local Listings and Yellow Pages: we can make our website local so that search engine can find our website easily if the local people are searching for the services that we provide.It can be done by submitting our website to Google Local, Maps, Yahoo Local, Yellow Pages, Superpages, Hotfrog, etc etc.This is again another off-page SEO practice that we can’t miss out on!


Directories Submission: I would like to find out what directories submission means this is an assignment to you and its one of the again best off-page SEO activities you can carry out.find out what it means and comment below I would correct you if you are wrong.